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One basic idea was to work with the "normal" user accounts. The local computers are prepared to work this way. But we have some pre-preparation, up until now we have:

a user named sensorlab

sensorlab@login:~$ id
uid=13433(sensorlab) gid=913(tmg) groups=913(tmg),6172(senslab),1093888628(AfsPag-336a74)

a group named senslab

dn: cn=senslab,ou=groups,dc=informatik,dc=uni-goettingen,dc=de
memberUid: sensorlab
memberUid: ashah
memberUid: oalfandi
memberUid: brosenne
memberUid: kellner

This list may get extended with userids of students on request...

the user has a home directory ~sensorlab

sensorlab@login:~$ pwd

obligatory home page

The account "sensorlab" should not be used by any member of the group "senslab". Instead use your own account - that's what group membership is for!

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