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Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL.


Version 7.5.x im Pool

Verifiziert am 12.10.2018: Im Pool und auf den Shell-Servern steht sage ebenfalls zur Verfügung. Jeder Nutzer kann einfach einen lokalen Server starten:

user@shell:~$ sage
│ SageMath version 7.5.1, Release Date: 2017-01-15                   │
│ Type "notebook()" for the browser-based notebook interface.        │
│ Type "help()" for help.                                            │
sage: notebook( port=12002 )     
The notebook files are stored in: sage_notebook.sagenb

Please choose a new password for the Sage Notebook 'admin' user.
Do _not_ choose a stupid password, since anybody who could guess your password
and connect to your machine could access or delete your files.
NOTE: Only the hash of the password you type is stored by Sage.
You can change your password by typing notebook(reset=True).

Enter new password: 
Retype new password: 
Please login to the notebook with the username 'admin' and the above password.
User admin created with the password you specified.


│                                                  │
│ Open your web browser to http://localhost:12002  │
│                                                  │

At this point your default browser will open this url. Terminate the notebook session with Ctrl-C and exit sage with quit.

The port=12002 parameter is only relevant on shared sytems to keep concurrent notebooks apart, choose an arbitrary five-digit portnumber. Otherwise the default (port=8080) is fine.

Version 8.1.x on

We've upgraded to Version 8.x by switching to a new instance on Ubuntu Bionic (18.04). The old instance has been disabled on 12. Oktober 2018.

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